Does this sound like you?

  • You are never not exhausted. The whole thing is taking a toll on your health and marriage and career. It's all so freaking hard?


  • You are always feeling 10 steps behind.


  • You feel overwhelmed with work full time and households to run, groceries to buy, chauffeur your kids around, prescriptions to pick up, bills to pay, doctors appointments to make?


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If this is YOU then I have good news....... You are not alone and a solution is right at your fingertips.


As an experienced care-decider and sometimes caregiver to my mother for the past 12 years, I will walk you through creating a clear, customized plan that is quick, simple, tangible and easy to implement.  Working with me you will learn to:


  • Find time to care for yourself,  and treat yourself well.


  • Preserve your sanity.


  • Manage expectations, your time and control what you can control.


  • Click Access My Gift on the right side of this page to receive your 6 Tips to Self-Care for the Sandwich Generation






Unsure of where you are in navigating caring for an aging parent?  

Click the button below that best describes where you are at this moment.

Not Yet

I'm not taking care of my aging parent now, but I know it's coming.  

How do I figure out when and how I will know when to put my mother into a facility? I don't want to put her in too early.  I don't want to put her in too late. 

How do I prepare to care for my aging parent? 



Just Started

It’s a constant tug.

Never expected to be doing this at this part of my life.

The biggest thing that bothers us is that she’s gonna run out of money........we don’t even know what we would do then.



In Deep

I am barely hanging on.

I'm losing myself.

I'm stressed out taking care of my parent.


This is for you if you need help today.  
I offer you a one hour next step session.
You get:
  • Your next steps mapped out
  • Your questions answered
  • Resources you need - including introductions to whom you may need - I have connections throughout the country - for estate planning attorneys, senior move managers, geriatric care managers, chefs for seniors and more.


This is how you will regain your time, peace & balance when we work together:


Assess:   First, we assess your current situation with your aging parent.

Plan:   Next, we make a plan around that assessment.  You begin to focus on mindset.  The belief and knowing that you matter.  You begin to recharge, ditch the guilt and practice basic boundaries.

Identify:   Once we have assessed the situation and put things, products, people in place and shifted mindset then we identify the biggest bottleneck in your business and we create a plan to bust through it.

Integrate:   Then we integrate your business and life with your role of taking care of your aging parent.  We focus on setting goals, calling out obstacles and how you will respond when that obstacle shows up so that you can continue to move forward, reaching your goals.

Elevate:   Finally we take a deep dive into your life and business and execute a plan and also reassess when things come up.  This is your opportunity to look at what it would mean for you to scale your business and elevate your life.




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So you can feel like you are actually able to live your life again because your mom is safe & happy and you aren't worrying!