Entrepreneurs who are also taking care of aging parents and are struggling with focus

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I'm tired of sacrificing my business, my health, my peace of mind, my financial security. 


  • I'm struggling to keep my existing clients going.  Not to mention marketing, developing new programs........


  • I want a strategy for discerning the most important things I need to be doing to move the needle.


If any of those statements sound familiar, there is help!

I've helped many entrepreneurs who are also taking care of an aging parent just like you to finally get some relief and to begin to take good care of themselves, so they can easily manage care so that they find those pockets of time to move the needle and grow their business - while being a caregiver in this guide - 5 Steps to Freedom in Focus.

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 What Others Are Saying







'Wendy knows a lot about losing yourself when you are taking care of a parent. When you work with her, ideally you are not underwater yet, but you can see the tide coming in. Using her immense knowledge and combined with her keen coaching skills, Wendy will actually have you looking FORWARD to this stage in life that you are dreading. Talk to her and you will be glad you did! The support is priceless.'

Carol Williams, Green Goddess of Productivity

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On the last Friday of each month at 2:00 p.m. cst, we will introduce a new topic AND you will get the support & community of the group.

Topics for 2023:

January - What to do when you have no support

February - How to ditch the guilt

March - What to do when the shit hits the fan (turn the fan off)

April - Taking on more responsibility

May - Can't keep up

June - Time - too much gets eaten from my business

July - Resources

August - Guide them to do what's best - hard conversations

September - Stop suffering

October - Worry - what will I have to do next?

November - Navigating the healthcare system - Tricks/Tips

December - Tired, Exhausted